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Studio for the Healing Arts

Dreamwork Institute

Offerings at the Institute


Individual Dream Consultation 


Appointments are available for those those who wish start-up, periodic or ongoing help on an individual basis with their dreams. Often even those experienced with dreamwork become "stuck" in their understanding of a dream which intuitively feels important, but is difficult to unfold. At other times a dream feels "private" or we would like to work in greater depth or more intensively with our dream in a "one to one" setting.


For more information email us at


Dreamsharing Groups


Despite the often mysterious aura surrounding the nature of dreams and their meaning, the language of dreams is surprisingly simple to comprehend. Group members learn that our psyche speaks to us in metaphor and that there are basic questions one may ask to unearth the meaning of each dream image. The group learns to create a safe emotional and spiritual "container" for the dreamer.  Group members are guided in offering their perspectives based directly on the imagery and metaphor of the dreamer’s dream. We all take the dream as our own and engage in a mutual learning and supportive process. Group dreamwork enhances empathy, intimacy and community, while our dreams move each of us toward healing and wholeness.


Dreamsharing groups are time limited (e.g. 6 weeks) or ongoing.


For more information email us at


Consultation: (Phone/Skype/Zoom/Facetime)


If you wish help in understanding your dreams, phone or Skype consultations are now available with either David Gordon or Dani Vedros. Simply email us at


Phone/Skype Consultation Fees: 60 minutes: $95





The Institute offers half day, full day and two day weekend workshops focusing on all levels of experience with dreamwork. Institute workshops are designed for individuals, couples or professionals who seek training or guidance in working with their dreams. Group size is limited to a maximum of six to ten members (depending upon theme and length of the workshop). 

Workshop and retreat themes reflect the numerous ways dreams can help us respond more constructively to the challenges we face in life.


For More Information 

E-Mail us at .

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