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Studio for the Healing Arts

Integrative Therapy at the Studio

Integrative therapy as we practice it at the Studio has evolved from principles we have learned over many years in our work with clients, from the writings of famed analyst Carl Jung as well as our study of the universal values found in the healing traditions of the East and indigenous cultures.


Simply stated the core principle of our therapeutic work is that no matter what the nature of our emotional conflicts and pain our symptoms reflect above all a calling to change and grow. It is this task that we most resist and yet, is the most worthwhile in life.


A primary reason we are so frightened and resistant to change is because it requires us to release the very habits of thought we most cherish—our reliance on strategies of distraction, control, attachment, judgment and impatience. We cherish these habits of thought because in the short run they are useful--as each in its own way allows us to allay our fears. Yet, we pay a great emotional price as well for our reliance on these habits of thought or ego strategies in the form of anxiety, depression and chronic relationship conflicts.


Fortunately, when we stop engaging in these self-defeating strategies that actually stand in the way of our own growth, a natural healing process occurs. To facilitate this healing we teach mindfulness of perennial values.

We help our clients to discover that by releasing distractions one can find a great peace in the stillness of solitude. By letting go of control one is better able to hear and follow the quiet intuitive and guiding voice within. We teach that the release of self-judgment leads to the experience of healing compassion for our own suffering and that a new and vital life awaits when we successfully release our attachments and grieve our losses without self-judgment. Finally we help our clients to find that with the release of impatience we are able to embrace the present moment--and live our lives more wholeheartedly.

In the end our vision for the Studio is twofold; First, to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space for growth, discovery and healing and second, to provide space and opportunity for people to explore and expand into new areas of experience and consciousness.





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