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Studio for the Healing Arts

About the Studio

David Gordon, PhD. 


David practices at the Studio as a therapist for adults, couples and families. His approach is informed by lessons gained from over 40 years of experience with clients,


One of the central lessons he learned during this time has been the way in which the wisdom of our nightly dreams greatly facilitates our healing process, 

David's focus on understanding the language of dreams transformed his perspective on healing-- and led to the establishment of the Dreamwork Institute as well as a groundbreaking book Mindful Dreaming. His book illuminates the guiding nature of dreams and the way in which they promote mindfulness of necessary attitudes and perspectives that lead to healing and wholeness in everyday life. Most importantly, dreams teach us to find compassion not just for others—but for our own pain and suffering. We must learn that self-caring is not the same as selfishness.

Through the Dreamwork Institute, David has offered workshops and dreamsharing groups locally and nationally. He helped develop and co-host a popular call-in radio program, Dreamworks for NPR affiliate WHRV in the Norfolk area and has been a guest expert on the topic of dreams for NPR's Voices in the Family on WHYY in Philadelphia. He has also been an invited guest on the topic of nightmares for KAZU radio in Monterey, CA. and discussed the benefits of dreamwork on CBS television affiliate, WTKR. 


David has also been a contributor to local publications as well as Kripalu Center magazine. He is a past Membership Chair for the Board of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) and member of the American Psychological Association.


Dani Vedros, LCSW


Dani Vedros, LCSW is co-founder and Director of Studio for the Healing Arts in Norfolk, Virginia.  As a psychotherapist, life-coach, and workshop leader, she employs a variety of holistic methods including dreamwork, mindfulness, somatic work, guided imagery, art and movement.  She has led numerous workshops and groups locally and nationally on the topic of dreams and women's issues throughout the United States and Canada.


While the Studio initially began as a space for our psychotherapy practice and Dreamwork Institute, Dani's developing perspective on the presence of natural healing resources within us all, led to an expanded use of the Studio.

Under her guidance, Studio for the Healing Arts has become a venue for presentations, workshops and classes offered by community experts on a wide range of topics related to multi-cultural healing and spiritual practices such as shamanism, Kabala, yoga and mindfulness classes. 

In addition a monthly discussion group, Second Saturday Salon has met on a monthly basis at the Studio for the past 14 years. Open to the community, Salon discussions have focused on numerous topics including political and environmental issues, the nature of consciousness, and things that "push our buttons". Currently, the Salon meets on a more periodic basis. 

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