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Studio for the Healing Arts

Mindful Dreaming Group

Join us for a six week Thursday Evening Dreamsharing Circle.

What is a Dreamsharing Circle?

Despite the often mysterious aura surrounding the nature of dreams and their meaning, the language of dreams is surprisingly simple to comprehend. Group members learn that our psyche speaks to us in metaphor and that there are basic questions one may ask to unearth the meaning of each dream image. The group learns to create a safe emotional and spiritual "container" for the dreamer. Group members are guided in offering their perspectives based directly on the imagery and metaphor of the dreamer’s dream. We all take the dream as our own and engage in a mutual learning and supportive process. Group dreamwork enhances empathy, intimacy and community, while our dreams move each of us toward healing and wholeness.

Dreams can reflect powerful archetypal patterns within us and most importantly, introduce us to our nondual nature or true self. The central pattern in our nightly dreams is one we call the heroic or Mythic Journey. Click here to learn more about the Mythic Journey.

What is Mindful Dreaming?

In this dreamsharing circle you will learn how your nightly dreams teach you the tens steps to mindfulness you need for your own healing and growth. Learn to identify and release the five habitual thoughts or ego strategies of distraction, control, attachment, judgment and impatience and to embrace instead the importance of solitude, humility, letting go, compassion and "correct" waiting. For more information about David's book Mindful Dreaming click here.


Registration Information



David Gordon, Ph.D. and Dani Vedros, LCSW


This group cycles every six weeks. 


7:30 PM to 9:30 PM every Thursday

Message us about when the next 6-week program begins

Studio for the Healing Arts
1611 Colley Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23507


$120 for the 6 week class

To Register:

E-Mail David Gordon or Dani Vedros:


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