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Intro to Mindfulness and the Skill of Presence 


The term “mindfulness” has become quite the buzz word in society today. While research points to numerous benefits derived from mindfulness practice, many still find it difficult to understand what mindfulness actually is, let alone how we can apply it to our unique life so that we can become less stressed, less reactive, less distracted, and more present. My plan is to help with that…


This two-hour workshop will:

  • Demonstrate what “mindfulness” really means

  • Offer tools & techniques to develop the ability to be more present, less distracted, & less reactive in your daily life (mindfulness in a nutshell)

  • Provide a condensed dose of mindfulness practice for both beginners and seasoned practitioners


The workshop will be oriented around several core concepts of mindfulness along with techniques/exercises.


 Core concepts (including but not limited to):

  •  Demystification of “meditation”

  •  Focused attention & the wandering mind

  •  Working with discomfort

  •  Reactivity and judgment

  •  Deep listening and compassion

  •  Understanding habitual reactions and conditioning

  •  Techniques for brief mindfulness practices throughout the day


Workshop details:

  •  One 2-hour session

  •  Saturday, March 10: 10:00am-12:00pm

  •  Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early & wear comfortable clothing

  •  Bring a notebook & writing utensil along if you’d like to take notes

  •  $25 paid online


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About the Instructor








Charles is passionate about teaching Mindfulness in ways that are tailored to meeting the needs of specific populations. He has developed and instructed mindfulness courses for medical students at Eastern Virginia Medical School, student athletes at Norfolk State University and is currently leading a mindfulness group at Portsmouth Naval Hospital.


Charles also has experience working therapeutically in elementary schools, residential group homes, homeless youth shelters, psychiatric hospitals and private practices. Each year, he trains at a Zen monastery in the Catskill Mountains in order to step outside of the digital world and galvanize his meditation practice.


Charles has served as an adjunct professor at Norfolk State University and is presently a doctoral student at the Virginia Consortium program in Clinical Psychology.

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