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Mindfulness and Meditation: How to Press Play on Life

The only way to listen to music is to press play.

Research has shown that our minds are wandering during half or more of our waking hours. The tendency to press fast forward (anticipating the future) or rewind (ruminating on the past) deprives us of the ability to live fully in the only moment that is really available: the present moment.


The workshop provides both a conceptual understanding of mindfulness as the ability to press play on life as well as a series of meditative practices to develop this ability.


This workshop will:

  • Demonstrate what “mindfulness” can mean in your life

  • Give you tools & techniques to develop the ability to notice your wandering mind, become less reactive, and simply press play more often

  • Provide a condensed dose of mindfulness practice for both beginners & seasoned practitioners

  • Offer participants opportunities to have their specific questions discussed


Workshop Schedule


Saturday, June 23 – 10:00am-3:00pm ( 1 hour lunch break) 



$45  (See pay link below)


Day Schedule: Two 2-hour sessions with a 1-hour break for mindful eating and walking

10pm-12pm: Stilling the Water:


- Noticing the tendency to move away from the present moment

- Utilizing the breath and body as an anchor for the present moment

- Allowing physical tension to relax/settle

- Allowing the mind to relax/settle

12pm-1pm: Mindful Eating and Walking


- Instructions will be provided for individual practice of mindful eating

during lunch and mindful walking before returning to the workshop

1pm-3pm: Tuning into Experience

- Mindfulness applied to “mundane” activities

- Finding comfort in discomfort

- Letting go of the need for things to be different than they are

More Workshop Details:

  • Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early & wear comfortable clothing

  • Lunch will be had outside (weather permitting). You may bring your own lunch or purchase from one of the several local eateries in walking distance from the studio

  • Bring a notebook & writing utensil along if you’d like to take notes

  • Limited to 20 participants

To Register: 

$45 paid online

About the instructor:



Charles is passionate about teaching Mindfulness in ways that are tailored to meeting the needs of specific populations. He has developed and instructed mindfulness courses for medical students at Eastern Virginia Medical School, student athletes at Norfolk State University and is currently leading a mindfulness group at Portsmouth Naval Hospital.


Additionally, Charles has experience working therapeutically in elementary schools, residential group homes, homeless youth shelters, psychiatric hospitals and private practices. Each year, he trains at a Zen monastery in the Catskill Mountains in order to step outside of the digital world and galvanize his meditation practice.


Charles has also served as an adjunct professor at Norfolk State University and is presently a doctoral student at the Virginia Consortium program in Clinical Psychology.

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